Important Information
  • The online payment transaction receipt is NOT sufficient for license plate renewal. The official Paid Personal Property Tax Receipt is needed and will be mailed from the Collector’s Office. Please allow 5 business days for mail time and for the state to update its paid tax database.
  • To obtain a receipt for same day service at the license office, please come to the Collector’s Office and leave with an official paid receipt.
  • If no bill is showing, the Assessor may not have received a Personal Property Assessment Form
  • This site and the pay-by-phone system cease to accept payments at the beginning of each month for about three business days to provide for the updating of statutory late payment interest and penalties.
  • For additional information about a particular account or questions about the use of this site, please call toll free 855-245-2906
  • The “Data as of” date indicates the most recent change to the record displayed.
  • This site shows the current owner of real estate and the history of taxes on the specific parcel. It does not display historical ownership information. Chain of title information is available in the Recorder of Deeds office.
  • Technical difficulties do not extend the time to pay without statutory late payment interest and penalties. If paying online or over the phone, pay early to avoid any issues.